Three Factors to a Successful Gym Floor Refinishing Project

There’s no mistaking whose house you’re in upon entering the gym at Lakota West High School in West Chester, Ohio. “We put this 30-foot Firebird right at midcourt, and it’s the first thing you see,” says Scott Kaufman, athletic director and assistant principal at West, which recently refinished its gym floor. “There’s a lot of pride that goes into that.”

Though the action taking place on it tends to rightfully garner much of the attention, a well-maintained gym floor can be a crown jewel of any sports facility.

“A lot of times that gym floor is really the focal point of the community,” says Bill Price, national sports director for Bona US, a manufacturer of wood floor care products for a variety of applications. “It’s not just for basketball or volleyball; it’s for every type of event that’s now held in a community. And more and more, we’re seeing them spend the money to make that gym floor a show piece.”

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