Because school gymnasiums and other athletic spaces go through a heavy amount of wear and tear, it’s important to provide a safe recreational space free of slipping and tripping hazards potentially caused by a floor’s advanced age. Water damage in particular can create uneven surfacing and warping that poses even greater risks to users of your athletic space. At Atlantic Sport Floors, we’re qualified to provide repair for any number of problems that impact the safety of your flooring.

The sport court repair technicians at Atlantic Sport Floors are professionally trained and able to accurately diagnose any issue with your athletic flooring. Best of all, we use industry-leading technology to solve the issue and environmentally-friendly coatings and dust protectives to keep your space free of health concerns.

If you have any questions regarding our sport flooring repair services, or if you would like to schedule a consultation, we invite you to contact us at 845-268-2565 today.