When your athletic facility begins to show signs of wear, trust Atlantic Sport Floors for comprehensive gym floor refinishing services. Our expertise ensures that your wood sport flooring receives meticulous attention, restoring its appearance and functionality to its prime condition.

Whether you’re dealing with discoloration, peeling, or faded graphics and court lines, our refinishing process addresses these issues with precision. Our team carefully confirms your court layout and design preferences before executing sanding, sealant application, and repainting of court lines.

For repair needs, we are also a top choice among qualified gymnasium floor repair companies. With Atlantic Sport Floors, your investment is protected for years to come, maintaining superior performance and longevity for your sports flooring.

Professional Gym Floor Refinishing Services

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If you have any questions regarding our sanding and refinishing services, we invite you to contact us at 845-268-2565 today.

Gym Floor Resurfacing


Atlantic Sport Floors specializes in gym floor resurfacing and are also a leading gymnasium floor repair contractor. Our surfaces are engineered for peak performance, ensuring durability and longevity even under daily commercial or recreational use.

If your gym floor is showing signs of wear, such as discoloration, peeling, or faded graphics, our comprehensive resurfacing services can rejuvenate its appearance. Our process involves sanding down the top layer of the wood to eliminate imperfections, resulting in a smooth, flawless surface.

Whether your hardwood floors have surface-level damage like scratches or scuffs, our resurfacing option offers a cost-effective solution to restore your gym’s aesthetics and functionality.

Atlantic Sport Floors has over 20 Years of Experience


At Atlantic Sport Floors, we excel among gymnasium floor repair companies. School gymnasiums and recreational spaces endure significant wear and tear, warranting prompt attention to prevent slipping and tripping hazards. Our expert technicians diagnose and resolve issues with precision, utilizing industry-leading technology and eco-friendly coatings for optimal results.

By offering diverse solutions tailored to your athletic facility’s needs from addressing peeling to warping, our comprehensive repair services ensure a revitalized appearance and enhanced safety.

Whether it’s water damage causing warping or general wear affecting safety, trust Atlantic Sport Floors to deliver top-notch repairs that safeguard your flooring and users alike.

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