Helpful tips for caring for your gymnasium floors throughout the year:

  • Sweep the floor daily with a dust mop

  • Remove any moisture and wipe up any spills on the floor surface immediately

  • Maintain the ventilating/air conditioning/heating system so that it is functioning properly. The Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association, Inc. (MFMA) recommends that the relative humidity be between approximately 35 and 50% year round, with a temperature of between 55 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit year round

  • Remove black scuff marks with a tennis ball (it can be attached to the end of a pole/broomstick for easy reach)

  • Use an approved floor cleaner such as Poloplaz Hardwood Floor Cleaner or the Bona Wood Sport Floor Care line

  • Do not use power scrubbers, water, or household cleaners

  • Protect the floor when moving heavy equipment

  • Do not apply any kind of tape to the floor. This will damage the gym floor finish.

If you find that you require additional game lines or markings, please call us